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DMKC Advisory Services is a fee-based SEC registered investment advisor providing investment and wealth services to a broad range of clients. DMKC Advisory Services is owned by its parent company D.M. Kelly & Company, an independent Des Moines, Iowa based brokerage firm.

DMKC Institutional Services was formed with the goal of providing institutions with the same exceptional services our retail customers experience. Having an in-house trading department allows us to obtain competitive bids for our clients and offer an accessible channel of dealer contacts.

Order Routing Information

(Policy Regarding Disclosure of Order Routing Information - SEC Rule 11Ac1-6)

D.M. Kelly & Company will disclose order routing information for specific customer orders in accordance with SEC Rule 11Ac1-6(c), upon written request directed to D.M. Kelly & Company, 3900 Ingersoll Avenue, Ste 300, Des Moines, IA 50312. Attention: Compliance Department. This notification to our customers regarding order routing information is revised and posted on our Website on an annual basis. D.M. Kelly & Company primary objective is to obtain the best execution of transactions, regardless of any compensation factor. If customers do not give specific instructions on where to route an order, D.M. Kelly & Company may, depending on the security involved and/or the size of the order, execute the order through another broker/dealer that is a market maker in that security. D.M. Kelly & Company has a contractual agreement with its clearing firm. The disclosure of order routing information for our clearing firm can be accessed at: