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D.M. Kelly & Company has grown to become one of Central Iowa’s largest brokerage firms specializing in fixed-income investments, offering clients an alternative to the prepackaged investment products that are commonly found at larger wirehouses.

DMKC Institutional Services was formed with the goal of providing institutions with the same exceptional services our retail customers experience. Having an in-house trading department allows us to obtain competitive bids for our clients and offer an accessible channel of dealer contacts.

Our Products



Characteristics that we look for in the companies in which we invest:

We select high quality, blue chip stocks that pay relatively high dividends. This provides growth potential, inflation protection and income. We typically recommend between 25 and 30 different securities across broad economic sectors. These securities are reviewed by our investment committee prior to their use and are carefully monitored once they have been selected in order to ensure that their underlying soundness and investment objectives are consistent with ours.

• Strong Finances

• Long History of Earnings

• High-Dividend Yields

• Sound Management Teams


We select fixed-income products that provide credit risk protection, interest rate risk protection and structure rate risk protection:

• Treasury Securities

• Government Agency Securities

• Investment Grade Corporate Securities

Returns from high quality bonds have historically trailed returns from stocks. However, bonds provide a conservative foundation for a portfolio by reducing volatility and downside risk.

This portion of your portfolio is designated to provide stability and income. Our goal is to structure high quality fixed income portfolios that produce an attractive income stream with low volatility.

Mutual Funds

We typically use lower cost mutual funds where needed (funds with low operating costs and low management fees) when designing a well-diversified portfolio, using both stock and bond mutual funds.

The items above make up the "core" of our investment portfolios. Depending on current market conditions, these items may be supplemented with other investment products to address the prevailing investment environment.