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Investment Advisory Services

DMKC Advisory Services follows a conservative approach to investing in equity and fixed-income securities. Our investors follow a long-term strategy buying high quality, blue chip stocks and investment grade bonds that we recommend.

D.M. Kelly & Company has grown to become one of Central Iowa’s largest brokerage firms specializing in fixed-income investments, offering clients an alternative to the prepackaged investment products that are commonly found at larger wirehouses.

DMKC Institutional Services was formed with the goal of providing institutions with the same exceptional services our retail customers experience. Having an in-house trading department allows us to obtain competitive bids for our clients and offer an accessible channel of dealer contacts.

DMKC Advisory Services, LLC

Founded in 2007, DMKC Advisory Services offers its clients advisory services designed to help meet their long term investment goals. This is accomplished through a consultative process that includes:


·         Gathering your investment information and goals

·         Developing an investment strategy specific to your needs

·         Tailoring investment advice to help you make your investment decisions

·         Meeting on a periodic basis to monitor and, if necessary, adjust your strategy and investment holdings


DMKC Advisory Services advisors are here to help you develop and implement a strategy that works for your unique situation and goals.


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